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►►Meet the Clients

This collection represents a sampling of Movick Marketing’s recent work. Contact us if you’d like to see additional samples or if you’re looking for something specific. 

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MarComm for Web
Direct Mail
Other Marketing Collateral


Sallie Mae Fund (marketing brochure) 

1050 K Street (marketing brochure)

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Spring Swing (newspaper ad)

Onyx On First (magazine ad)

U.S. Communities (2-page spread)

The Rendezvous (banner ad)

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The Tower Companies (web copy–complete web overhaul)

About 1050 K Street (web copy)

River Creek Village home page (web copy)

The Met Warner Center (web copy)

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MarComm for Web

(content and/or MarComm direction provided by Movick Marketing)

Asenti Diligence Partners LLC

Manning’s Pro Clean

JBG: North Bethesda Market

Breeze with Louise (Louise Griffin, REALTOR in Raleigh, NC)

Synergy Forces LLC

The Sallie Mae Fund

The Tower Companies

The Tower Companies: 1050 K Street

The Tower Companies: 2000 Tower Oaks Blvd.

Turning Phrases (content provided by client; branding and MarComm direction provided by Movick Marketing)

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Generation Y, The Agent of the Future (magazine article)

Perspectives magazine (feature bylined articles in 2008: Jan/Feb, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Nov/Dec)

TrueCareers (various bylined articles)

Year-End Bonus (bylined article)

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GTSI solutions for Veterans Affairs (promotional article)

Panasonic homeland security solutions from GTSI (promotional article)

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Direct Mail

The Jamieson (direct mail postcard)

Tribeca Red Hot (direct mail postcard)

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Other Marketing Collateral

GTSI Agility (one-sheeter/leave-behind)

Monarch eNEWS (email newsletter)

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