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Making it right

Posted by Vicki Moulton on January 19, 2011

Most of us could whip out a story about a bad customer service experience at a moment’s notice. But when was the last time you told a friend about a company that provided really good customer service?

Here’s my happy-ending story about customer service.

A cute top I ordered online for my daughter arrived in the mail last week. She wore it for a few hours, and then I noticed that two of the five unique flower appliques that made the shirt so fashionable had fallen off. They were ironed on rather than sewn on, and the idea that something so flimsy had been passed off as great workmanship made me want to give the company a piece of my mind.

So I went to the website, searching for some kind of complaint forum, maybe an online comment form or something. I found the name, email address, and direct phone number for the customer service manager (and thought, wow, that’s unusual). I sent a message detailing what happened; this was during a three-day weekend.

Within a couple of days, I got a return email with an apology and a request for a photo of the shirt to see whether it was still in stock. (The photo I sent is included in this post.) Another email included a request for my address (I had purchased it through a third-party website). I replied with an email asking whether it would be safe to put this replacement shirt with the iron-on appliques in the washing machine. The reply I got stunned me: the replacement shirt we would receive, free of charge, no merchandise return required, would be specially prepared for me to avoid this problem happening again (hello needle and thread!).

Not only did this manager provide the right kind of customer service–solving my problem without making it seem like I did something wrong–she also went above and beyond my expectations by doing something special just for my circumstance, without my even asking for it.

This got me thinking… How often we forget that our clients are people too. Nobody likes to be treated like their problems don’t matter. If you’re the one who caused the problem, making it right is your responsibility. And if you can go that extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction, you’ll safeguard your company brand for the next client. That’s just smart business.

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Moving west

Posted by Vicki Moulton on August 5, 2010

Hey, still here… Just on the other side of the country. And P.S.: the weather is great!

It’s official: Movick Marketing has moved to the west coast! The family made the move to Oakland, California, and so did the business.

Here is the new office number: 510.530.1580. The blog, Facebook fan page, and Twitter feed have been on summer vacation while we’ve been completing the move and getting set up in the new location. Look for increased activity this month… and continue to keep us in mind for all your marketing communications projects!

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Shameless self-promoting

Posted by Vicki Moulton on February 11, 2010

I’ve been snowed in for several days, and fortunately it’s resulted in a lot of productivity for my business. So, in the interest of tooting my own horn (after all, that’s what blogs are for), here’s the latest news from Movick Marketing:


…Created a new page on the website–Featured Biz–listing and linking all woman-owned local “biz of the day” daily shout-outs from Twitter

…Added new social media package: Ghost-Blogging Special, for those folks who are ready to admit they need a little help writing a blog (you know who you are!)

…Got a whole bunch of new Facebook fans–enough to finally get that vanity URL! Now located at

…Inserted AddThis sharing button on all pages and into most blog posts

…Now advertising social media marketing packages on three different websites: Market Mommies, Melissa Meman Designs, and Melissa’s blog

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Walking the talk

Posted by Vicki Moulton on January 30, 2010

After spending the past couple of months crafting some quick-and-easy social media marketing solutions for clients (and prospective clients), I finally decided to start using my Twitter account. 

Yes folks, it’s true: you can find me on Twitter @movickmarketing! I figure it’ll be much easier for me to convince my clients that Twitter can help with business promotion if I actually use it myself.

Yesterday I placed an ad at for the social media marketing packages–in partnership with Fern Carbonell of Exemplus Virtual Assistant Services (tweeting @Exemplus_Fern)–which I’m cross-promoting through my Facebook fan page and Twitter, and on this website… look at the top of the left rail!

It feels like something great is right around the corner. Maybe it’s just as simple as finally taking my own advice.

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Celebrating a new launch

Posted by Vicki Moulton on November 3, 2009

Louise Photo REMAX 2Late last night I had the privilege of “turning on” the new website/blog that I built for my client (who is also a dear friend), Louise Griffin (see photo), an independent real estate broker/owner in Raleigh, NC. This officially launches her new business venture, Breeze Realty Network, on which we’ve both been working for many weeks.

So today, I’m thrilled to announce the new!

Check it out… whether you’re considering buying a house in the Raleigh area, thinking about starting a website/blog for your own small business, need some ideas about how to promote/market your business, or just have some curiosity about the kind of work I do here at Movick Marketing.

Comments encouraged!

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Being authentic

Posted by Vicki Moulton on October 4, 2009

abstract panelsThe experts agree: authenticity is key to building a memorable, believable, and irresistible brand.

Be yourself. Embrace and tell your story. Find and follow your true passion. All of the experts that participated in the “Brand Reinvention Summit” said pretty much the same thing. Either they all drank the same kool-aid before they were interviewed, or this is good advice. I’m betting on the latter.

Here are some selected nuggets of wisdom from the Summit (specifically from the 6 out of 10 interviews I had time to listen to):

“As you build your business, you are the torchbearer for your brand.”

“Your website needs to reflect a live presence, someone who is taking care of their brand. The lights need to be on, and someone needs to be home.”

“Your website is an extension of your brand—a living embodiment of your company. If you don’t keep it current, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.”

On using social media effectively: “If there’s something you really love, let it come through. Whatever makes you excited is something good to convey to the world.”

“We use war metaphors for marketing… launch, campaign, etc. Marketing isn’t war. Effective marketing is really more of a seduction. You take someone out, turn the lights down low, pour the wine, and make them fall in love with you.”

“If someone challenges your thinking, that opens up a new opportunity to think creatively. Welcome diversity and invite challenges. This brings more energy into your communication.”

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What’s it all about?

Posted by Vicki Moulton on October 2, 2009

hello tagHere’s a solid analysis from SmallBizTrends of what makes a great “About” page on a small business website:

Crafting a Killer About Page

As for me, I am taking note of what’s missing on the Movick Marketing “About” page with the intention to remedy the situation ASAP!

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Getting grilled

Posted by Vicki Moulton on September 10, 2009

grill fireI did it: I wrote my elevator speech. I can finally check that task off my to-do list. Whew!

This short speech is supposed to be a creative and/or intriguing answer to the casual question tossed one’s way at a Saturday barbecue, “So, what do you do?” The goal is to make the questioner want more information while avoiding putting a short little label on yourself (e.g., I’m a lawyer, I’m self-employed, I’m an artist, etc.).

So here is my elevator speech, subject to change after next Monday’s feedback-filled networking meeting. I welcome comments and suggestions before then, of course!

“I am an expert at marketing communications. I know how to get to the heart of the message and communicate it effectively. Through my company, Movick Marketing, I help clients design new ways to promote their services. Together we figure out exactly what they want to say and the most persuasive, creative, and affordable way to say it. Here’s my card. Check out my website!”

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Working can be fun

Posted by Vicki Moulton on August 14, 2009

ferris wheelEver heard of something called “free work”? It’s a freelance-style, resume-building type of career move that is completely different from the traditional unpaid internship, according to a new eBook I came across today called “The Recession-Proof Graduate” (by Charles Hoehn).

While this is written from the Gen Y, new-grad perspective of an early 20-something who clearly had enough cash on hand to work for free that first year out of college (which most don’t, especially in a recession), I must admit that there’s something intriguing about the concept. Who wouldn’t want to do work that’s fun and interesting, on your own terms and your own schedule, without the stress of competing with the faceless masses to become the next underpaid, overworked office drone?

Been there, done that.

Here’s a good intro to this concept, along with a link to the interesting eBook:
Seth Godin’s Blog

P.S. Many thanks to my always-resourceful college classmate, colleague, and good friend Louise Griffin for passing along this great link!

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